Success Stories

Kameron E

“"I am in love with this 30 day Fit and Healthy Program! It is great, has literally everything you need to get started. I am a forever customer of the services One Source Consulting  offers!! I can't say enough good about how she teaches, explains when someone doesn't understand and the overall knowledge she possesses is outstanding." Kameron E”

Cheryl J

“My original plan for hiring Carol was to get through the divorce in one piece with little impact on my children. Her influence and knowledge far surpassed the expectations I originally set out to find in a divorce coach. She was instrumental in getting things moving forward...the outcome was just amazing.”

Kris C

“I had reservations about hiring a divorce/life coach. The year I worked with Carol has greatly improved not only my personal life but my professional life (BONUS!) as well. I am in awe of her wide spectrum of knowledge in many subjects. She gave me back the "self" I knew long ago.”


“My world was shaken to its core when I was asked for a divorce, my ex had taken my world away as I had seen it to be. Carol and I worked together to make forward progress (sometimes it seemed a day at a time) and now I am happily remarried and share in custodial issues with a clearer idea of what co-parenting and letting things go means.”

R. T.

“Carol excels at asking the right questions, I appreciate her knowledge, intelligence and listening abilities and her genuinely kind nature. I can sum it up by saying I have improved as a person, mother and VP with the new to me skills I have learned from calling the Life Coach that helps you find the answers when you didn’t even know you had a question.”


“Carol transforms obstacles into life adventures, helping and guiding you to see the fun of finding one’s true and authentic self in the process of life’s ups and downs. I have no doubt I will be working with her again in the future, because she is exactly the life coach I need...empathetic, super smart and a wonderful listener. She is someone who is always seeking more information and asking the right questions.”

Justin A

“Carol is an upbeat, full of energy, let us get this done kind of coach every person needs when they are on the journey forward in their lives.”

A. Kip

“Meeting and hiring Carol has changed my business, personal life and inner self in so many ways for the better! She is a coach who truly cares about her clients.”

Shawn L

“Carol gave me something I didn’t have. A belief in myself. She believed in me even when I didn’t. She deeply believes in her clients, and has a great way of helping them feel supported and believed in. She takes coaching, caring, and believing to a whole other level.”

Katrina K

“At age 52, I felt lost and had no idea what kind of life I would have after my divorce or what I wanted to do. But after just a few months of working with Carol, I feel grounded again and have a life and career plan that feels perfectly suited for me. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to work with Carol and for being the beneficiary of her tremendous gifts. She always asked thoughtful, perceptive questions and suggested insightful ideas for me to ponder in writing, which always seemed to open doors to new, exciting territory to explore. She listened so well and never made me feel as if she were just following steps in a one-size-fits-all manual. She adapted to where I was at the time of each call; even on days when I felt I hadn't prepared enough, or didn't feel I was in the right mood for a productive session, Carol had the skills to make every session valuable. She was absolutely worth the investment, and I will always feel grateful to her for helping me get back on track!”


“I learned from Carol that.... you'll never get what you want in your life until you decided to make a change. The change most productive I made was to hire Carol and haven't regretted one second of the honesty, integrity, effort, and understanding she brings to each session.”


“I was lost after being served my divorce papers. I was unsure how I was going to hold it all together and move forward. Several sessions with Carol and we had come up with a plan that worked for me. I now know that I live a life full of positive, empowering thoughts and emotions. I never imagined how much better every aspect of my life could be.”


“With Carol's knowledge, guidance and kind nature, I learned I can achieve my goals if I am the one to take action and change myself to realize limiting beliefs were working against me. I now have my new belief system in place and working for me. You will never get what you want out of life until you decide to make a change. Thank you Carol for all you do.”