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Studies have shown that too much of the wrong kind of stress can negatively impact both the mind and body. It can cause things such as headaches, high blood pressure and heart disease. Not to mention the role it plays in everyday interactions. When stress is left untreated, productivity plummets and relationships naturally become harder to handle. Therefore, it is essential to know how to manage this emotion—not only for your health and happiness but also for others. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, nervous or anxious, don’t fret! Give our stress management consultant in Peoria IL a call!

The Advantages to Seeking Stress Management

When anxiety is looming over your head like a dark cloud, a stress management consultant can provide the clarity needed to take control. When you work with us, we’ll help you evaluate your circumstances and identify the main areas of contention. Moreover, we will equip you with various coping strategies so that you can leave our office empowered to handle whatever is worrying you. Whether money, work or responsibilities is the culprit, we’ll be there to offer our support!

Types of Stress Management

Just as there are many different types of stress, there are also many different kinds of stress management. Depending on your specific set of circumstances, our stress management consultant in Peoria IL might recommend one or more of the following options:

  • Health & Wellness – Our eating and exercise habits affect more than just our bodies. They also affect our minds. And many times, all it takes is a small change to our diets or daily workouts to reduce stress significantly. Physical activity is an incredibly essential part of this process. When we exercise, our bodies produce endorphins—otherwise known as “happy hormones”—which release feelings of positivity and self-esteem. To learn more about our exercise or nutrition sessions, check out our health and wellness page today!
  • Hypnosis- Hypnosis is a form of stress management in which an individual is coaxed into a state of relaxation. It involves deep concentration and entering a sort of trance-like state, where an expert can explore the subconscious for potential triggers. This method might sound scary, but it is actually a very safe treatment that has proven effective time after time.
  • Guided Meditation – Like hypnosis, guided meditation is all about slowing down to release stress. These sessions usually require individuals to relax different muscles until they have achieved a complete sense of calm. Often, instructors will also urge participants to imagine specific visuals or settings meant to relax the mind.
  • Breathing Exercises – When your brain is going a million miles an hour, it sometimes helps to take a second to stop and breathe. Doing so will help lower your heart rate and make it easier to clear your mind.

Other Solutions & Strategies

Stress management isn’t limited to the above areas. There are many other ways to relax, such as journaling, talk therapy and doing something you love. At One Source Consulting, we will help you determine which solutions and strategies work best for you. Call today to learn more!

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