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Plan for Your Future with a Life Coach in Peoria IL

We all have aspirations, but we don’t always know how to attain them. And when we do, it’s not always that easy. This is where a life coach in Peoria IL comes in. We will not only help you break your dreams into small steps, but we will also offer our support where needed. When you feel discouraged or unmotivated, we will be there to inspire and empower you. And when you feel stuck or confused, we can offer our direction. Through goal setting, moral support, decision making and more, we will place you on a path to proven success! See below for a more in-depth description of each:

Goal Setting

When you know what you want in life but not how to get there, it can be a frustrating experience. Luckily, life coaches can help you create goals to get from Point A to Point B. By working backward from the big picture, we will help you break your dreams into manageable yearly, monthly and daily objectives.

Decision Making

Life coaches also make great thinking partners. Unlike therapists, whose role leans more to the side of an advisor, we are more concerned with moral support and giving individuals the confidence to make decisions on their own.


Are you struggling to stick to a specific resolution or goal? A life coach in Peoria IL can provide the structure you need to keep going. When you work with us, we’ll review your current plan of action and point out obstacles that may have prevented you from succeeding in the past. Once all the objectives have been adjusted, we will help you start and then track your progress along the way.

Motivation, Encouragement, and Inspiration

In addition to offering accountability, we will also provide motivation, encouragement and inspiration as needed. We will be there to celebrate life’s ups and downs and spur you on when times get tough.

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Beyond Life Coaching

At One Source Consulting, we are more than just life coaches. We can also be your:

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