Guided Meditation
Woman Meditating with the Help of a guided meditation coach near Peoria IL

Clear Your Head with a Guided Meditation in Peoria IL

Do you feel stressed or burned out? Does your mind wander from place to place, wrapping you into an anxious ball of energy? Then you might benefit from a meditation session led by an experienced expert. At One Source Consulting, our guided meditation specialist near Peoria IL can teach such a class. All you have to do is make the call!

What is Guided Meditation?

Guided meditation is a technique that involves following the voice of another through a series of prompts meant to reduce stress and promote feelings of positivity. While many use this method as a way to cope with worry, it has also proven beneficial for managing emotions such as depression, pain and anger. Guided meditation can also help to improve focus and promote a good night’s sleep. Ultimately, you can think of it as training your brain to behave a certain way.

How Does It Work?

The process of guided meditation can be challenging to define because it often differs from person to person, depending on what they are trying to achieve. That being said, most guided meditations loosely follow a format like the one described below:

  • Examine Intentions & Goals – Before entering into a guided meditation, your instructor will ask you about your expectations for the exercise. Whether you are hoping to boost your mood or learn how to manage pain better, it’s imperative that you communicate this so that the session is successful.
  • Begin the Exercise – Once you’ve set your intentions, you will be asked to enter into the exercise, which will usually consist of a combination of elements, such as deep breathing, muscle relaxation and guided imagery. Also known as creative visualization, guided imagery is a practice that involves using the imagination to create vivid mental pictures. During a session, an instructor may ask you to picture yourself on a warm beach or cozy winter cabin. These are both examples of guided imagery.
  • Debrief & Determine an Application – Guided meditation isn’t just a one and done kind of thing. Just like anything else, it takes lots of practice and patience to start seeing strong results. This is why many instructors take a minute to debrief after each session. After meeting with our guided meditation specialist near Peoria IL, we will discuss what you’ve learned and help you incorporate your answers into your daily life.

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