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Meet Carol          

Who is Carol Capper, Ph.D.? It’s hard to describe One Source Consulting’s founder and owner without mentioning the many titles she currently carries. She set her goals and achieved getting her Ph.D., along the way she achieved becoming a Certified Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Nutritionist, Health & Wellness Consultant, Stress Management Specialist, and an Ordained Minister. 

Although my approach to each client varies, there are some general principles I value in my practice as a Nutritionist and Personal Trainer that will help you decide if we are a good fit…    

Personalized solutions that work for you because one size does not fit all. Nutrient-dense foods-when we eat mostly high-quality, nourishing foods, we find that a little goes a long way and we feel fabulous!      

Compassionate guidance and careful listening so that together we can create a plan, protocol, and personal approach that works for you. My food philosophy: If I were to capture it in just seven words, I would borrow Micheal Pollan’s great quote: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly Plants.”    

 It’s all about balance! Balanced blood sugar maintains your energy and mood levels, releases you from cravings, and is at the heart of wellness and longevity. Balanced hormones allow you to feel greater vitality, improve your ability to more easily cope with life’s challenges, release weight and feel like your best self again. Balance in your life creates the space for prioritizing your health, valuing the importance of self-care, and bringing that excitement back to all parts of your life, work, family, relationships, etc.        

Gut health and healing are sometimes the underlying causes of other health issues and concerns. When your digestive tract is healthy, you will notice other improvements like clearer skin, better mood, greater focus, weight loss, reduced inflammation, and less pain. it often all comes down to the gut!    

Quality and strategy supplementation, when necessary, as part of a larger vision of healing and wellness. I believe in the invaluable power of food to heal. However, sometimes strategic supplementation can assist your body in that process. I will always check with you before offering a supplement suggestion and you will always know exactly why you are taking something. I can also provide options and suggestions so that you know the products you are taking are of high quality and value.    

A science-based approach to nutrition while valuing the importance of the mind-body-spirit connection to health and well-being.          

A practical and realistic approach to making healthy changes. Whether that is through guidance in planning and preparing meals, grocery shopping, or eating out. I will meet you where you are in the process!        

 I love food! I mean I really, really love food. It is one of the greatest pleasures in life. I want you to love food once again too! I will encourage you to let go of the guilt and fear around eating and instead enjoy every bite of your meals.        

As a Certified Nutritionist, my role is to guide you in your journey toward greater wellness, energy, and vitality. My holistic approach means we will look at all aspects of your health- mind, body, and spirit.          

Together, we will look at your sense of well-being from many dimensions including physical, spiritual, occupational, emotional, intellectual, and social health. Each part contributes to the health of the whole. To help you feel better, we may look at your sleep patterns, the way you manage stress, nutritional goals, exercise routine, relationships, your sense of connection, and even your environment.            

 I specialize in empowering people to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle supported by good nutrition, stress management, movement, and an overall healthy lifestyle. For many people, creating more balance in their lives is what they are seeking- whether that is in their food, relationships, or work life.      

I also specialize in plant-based eating plans. If it is your goal, I will use my expertise in vegetarian and vegan eating plans to assist you and your family in creating healthy, nourishing meals, whether that means you want less meat, have some fish, or are Lacto-ovo vegetarian (you eat eggs and dairy) or are a full fledge vegan (no animal products).            

My own personal struggles with health have taught me so much. I know what it means to be scared, confused, and frustrated. I also know how much I wanted someone by my side to guide, support, and encourage me along the way. That is what I want to be able to do for you. I want to be that support, guidance, and encouragement so that you can easily manage your life and health. I will do so with great compassion and most of all understanding.    

 I work with clients both locally and across the country via Zoom or phone. Please contact me today to start your journey to better health.      

 I’ve dedicated my life to helping people find workouts they look forward to and lifestyle changes that last.        

From Surviving to Thriving.

Carol’s initial interest in the wide world of nutrition and physical fitness arose from a couple of different experiences. First, she served as a strong source of moral and educational support for her friends and family and after both started to send others her way, she decided to take her skills and turn them into a career. Second, the need for fitness, nutrition, and stress management seemed paramount in the clients seeking more from life, as a nutritionist, and exercise professional (USREPS.ORG) with a private nutrition/fitness practice in Pekin, Il, for adolescents, adults, sports teams, and small businesses. Since 2010, Carol has helped clients with a wide range of nutritional needs, enhance their athletic performance, improve their physical and mental health, and make positive lifelong eating and exercise behavior changes.

To learn more, call 309-863-0590 or email Carol at carol@onesourceconsulting.net. Her office is located in Pekin IL, and she proudly extends her services to clients throughout the Central Illinois Area.