Katrina K

At age 52, I felt lost and had no idea what kind of life I would have if I didn’t lose the extra weight or what I wanted to do about getting to a heathy weight. But after just a few months of working with Carol, I feel grounded again and have a nutritional and exercise plan that feels perfectly suited for me. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to work with Carol and for being the beneficiary of her tremendous gifts. She always asked thoughtful, perceptive questions and suggested insightful ideas for me to implement, which always seemed to open doors to new, exciting territory to explore. She listened so well and never made me feel as if she were just following steps in a one-size-fits-all manual. She adapted to where I was at the time of each meeting; even on days when I felt I hadn’t eaten properly or worked out enough, or didn’t feel I was in the right mood for a productive session, Carol had the skills to make every session valuable. She was absolutely worth the investment, and I will always feel grateful to her for helping me get back on track!